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How to give someone xbox360 DLC?


One of my friends( who i completely trust) really wants battlefield 3 premium but doesn’t have enough money to get the microsoft points to get it. is there any way i can give it to him. Also i have already tried google. no help there.
I want to transfer premium to his account not get him points. how?

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  1. Buy a microsoft points card (usually $20) and scratch the back of the card to reveal the code. Dont use it. Give him the code and he should be able to redeem the points on his xbox account so he can buy BF3 premium 🙂

  2. Recover your tagg on his xbox

    Go to account management

    Select fike transfer

    Then it pops up with download history

    Download all the games dlc addons and what ever he want from that list

    Then when your done sign out and let him sign in and you will both have games dlc and addons

    100% works but can only do it 4 times a year so get his to get every thing he wants

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