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I heard the xbox 720 and ps4 are coming out, if so which one will be cheaper?



  1. no final designs or designs have been released never ind prices but i would say the xbox they normally are cheaper. good luck

  2. There’s been no official information released about these yet so anything we say will be speculation.

    I can only hope, however, that Sony learned its lesson with the PS3 and will keep the price down to a reasonable $300-400 or so.

    Honestly, both Microsoft and Sony have to keep their prices between $300-400. $500 would really be pushing it, and honestly if Sony tries to release the PS4 at $600, it better be plated in gold.

  3. first of all, it is not coming out anytime soon.

    chances are the new play station will be cheaper than new xbox primarily because microsoft is still going to be making money off of the memberships they sell (xbox live). the psn is free for now so i’m pretty sure it will be free in the future. in the long run, definitely the playstation, but in terms of the console price, they would be around the same.

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