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I think my Xbox 360 is messed up?


So, about three days ago, I was moving my Xbox 360 up by the tv and it dropped right onto its front. Minecraft was in it but it didn’t get damaged and still works. The hard drive popped out when it hit my living room floor, so I put it back in. Everything was fine with it until night, at night time it wouldn’t connect to Xbox Live, and it still won’t, I’ve tried connecting it to several wireless networks and none of them work either. I’m worried that my dropping it may have something to do with this.

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  1. Hmmm it may not be the xbox maybe it has something to do with the people from xbox fixng stuff its happend to ke before

  2. Xbox 360’s tend to break easily. If you leave a disk inside the Xbox 360 while it’s on, and accidentally flip it over, it would basically scratch the disk in a circle form. The manufactures and designers really didn’t do so well on it’s protection towards drops or any other damages. But anyways. You might have broken the wifi adapter. Try taking out the case, removing the wifi adapter, and plug it back in. IF you can remove it.

  3. Is there’s nothing wrong with the display or the functions it shouldn’t have effected the connection to Xbox live.

    You should check your wifi.

  4. Ok sell that hoe because you wifi antenna. Broke or you could send it to me if you decide to send it to me email me at [email is not allowed]

  5. Try carefully re-seating all of the connectors (unplug and replug them), you may have jarred one loose.

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