Home Playstation Forum Is Gta 4 a good game to buy now for Ps3?

Is Gta 4 a good game to buy now for Ps3?


I’m trading Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destrustion for Gta 4 now and i want to know if the game is good now. Is it?


  1. Grand theft auto 4 does in fact have multiplayer option in it. The game is very good and has a one of a kind story just like any other rock star game. It is cheap now and is fun if you like shooters. up there with my favorate games!

  2. GTA 4.I would get gta 5 it is a whole lot better in my opinion. GTA 4 was interesting and fun but if you plan on playing online I don’t think you will find very many people playing but I could be wrong.

  3. Its an OK game , kind of old ( made in 2008 ) and not supported online but if you like the gta series and want an open world game to play it’s not bad

    you can buy it for $10-$15 new

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