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Is it the Ethernet Cord? Ps3 Question?


My brother and I are trying to hook up our ps3 here right now. We have a problem. We have cox hi speed internet, and a motterrolla modem. We also have a red Ethernet cord. We have the Ethernet cord hooked up to the modem, we went to internet settings, entered in our Ip address, and its still saying that the Ethernet cord is not connected(not found). Its not old, or broken. We’ve had it for only about a year. Is it the cord? Or is there a step or something else that we are totally missing here?

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  1. first you turn off your PS3

    next you connect your ethernet cable to your modem and PS3

    next you reset your modem by unplugging (takes alot of time)

    or theres a indintation with the word reset above

    poke it with your needle, pen, pencil ETC.

    then wait for all the lights turn back on about 30 seconds, then connect your ps3

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