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Is minecraft worth it?


I’m getting it for ps3, because i have a laptop, and it’s kind of crappy. it’ll be my first time, a friend of mine recommended the game, some of my friends play it for ps3, i could invite them, but i have a few questions.

is it worth it?

do adults play this too?

i’m 19). is it addictive?

is this game only for nerds/geeks? (no offense), i just wanna know.

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  1. I’m not a big fan. Never played the demos longer then 20 minutes, but many people can pour consecutive hours into “building”. Don’t know what the main demographic is, but Minecraft has a very large player base overall.

  2. Minecraft can be addictive. But it depends what you are like.

    Adults play it.

    I think its worth it.

    No its not for nerds. Kids play it too.

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