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Is my PS3 blu-ray drive broken?


I tried to play my GTA IV today and my disc wont load:(. To make sure it wasnt something simple, i restarted and reloaded the disc several times but still nothing. I even put in a normal dvd and a blu-ray movie but none of them would load? My PS3 is only 9 months old. Btw, I have the 80gb if that makes a difference
Its the 80gb thats backwords compatible with PS2 games. Which i also tried and they wouldnt load

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  1. Yes its broken 🙁

    Sorry to hear that.

    From my observations, the 60gb and the old 80gb sytems breaks quite often.

    Assuming you’re still in Warranty its best to call Sony because they will fix it for you or send you a new one.

    Thank you

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