Home Playstation Games Is Rebel Galaxy Still Fun After 20 Hours? – IGN Plays

Is Rebel Galaxy Still Fun After 20 Hours? – IGN Plays


Our reviewer shows off his impressive ship collection and answers all of our questions about the end-game in Rebel Galaxy.

Is Rebel Galaxy Still Fun After 20 Hours? - IGN Plays

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  1. i love the game got over 60 hrs and the only thing that i don't like about the game it ''warp inhibited by stellar mass''

  2. Difficult to get into trouble with your ship and equipment? go 1v1 a dreadstar or a viriax dreadnought, u wont even break through their shields

  3. I like the McKinley ship, 6 component slots. If the Manticore had 6 instead of 5 I'd choose that instead. This is a fun game, picked it up for 6 bucks on gog

  4. Go full pirate! this game is incredibly more fun if you go pirate. I advise beating this game the regular way, following the story, etc.. and then once you understand the game and are good at it restart as a pirate it's way harder, you get completely different enemies, just awesome and creates really amazing replayability. I love this game and want others to love it too.

  5. It would be utterly epic to merge this with Warframe, imo.

    Also, kinda wish there had been a possibility for a Carrier type with fighters/bombers or options for that on the Destroyers and up. Having a Merc is all well and good, but you can only have 1 at a time. Blasted gunships and torpedo boats are what kill you most, rather than big capital ships.

  6. It's definitely still fun after 20 hours. Thanks to "face of gozu" mining, I already have a Dreadnaught(should be Dreadnought, right?). The thing is pretty bamf, but is also cumbersome and annoyingly gets stuck in tightly clustered debris fields. The addition of multiplayer realms would nab a 10/10 rating from me 🙂

  7. To me it looks like the big ships, kinda move as if they were small ships. Looks like it has fun elements, but… also looks like it becomes a bit repetitive. Hmmmm….

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