Home Playstation Forum is there a Mario Kart game for ps3?

is there a Mario Kart game for ps3?



  1. No, and there never will be. The mario franchise is owned by Nintendo, who makes the Wii and not the Playstation 3, so naturally they would only release Mario games for their own console.

  2. There is no Mario Kart game for the PS3 but modnation racers is close to being like a super Mario Kart game

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    no. if marios made for nintendo, then why would sony make mario games?

  4. No, Mario is not related to Sony in any way he keeps to his own on Nintendo systems, if you want a driver simulator for the PS3 get Gran Turismo 5, it is by far the best driving sim of all time, did I mention that it has over 1,000 cars? It does.

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