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Let’s Play the New Guitar Hero Live! – Kinda Funny Plays


Let's Play the New Guitar Hero Live! - Kinda Funny Plays


  1. This is by far the worse guitar hero to date. It's not the new controller that makes the game bad. It's the music included in the game is very bad, and the fact you can't purchase new songs. You have to buy or earn points(playing songs you don't like) to play songs online. I just got this game, and I have a feeling the online aspect won't be supported very long. The game is fuckng garbage!!

  2. I thought it would be good but then I got it and I saw no Marlin Manson so so not worlth it

  3. you should make it back with the 5 color buttons… the classic was way better. I never bought this but wtf is this…

  4. 'No longer will you have to incorporate this weird pinkie' Obviously not a guitarist, there's a reason I still play legends of rock and not this new shit.

  5. It makes me strangely happy that the Wii U version has the best reviews. Last time that happened was with Rayman Legends. You know, a game that was supposed to be exclusive to Wii U in the first place.

    However, all I really want is a port of Guitar Hero III with all the DLC on the Switch with the original guitar controller. It's not nostalgia; rather, I just enjoy using that controller way more than the new one.

    Better yet, just have a game that has the same smooth 60fps gameplay of Guitar Hero III, all of the songs from it and past games, as well as the DLC; and get updated with future content as well.

  6. as an actual guitarist and a GH player,this is a bit more realistic for sure. moving up and down the controller as opposed to back and forth across,is for sure more natural and realistic than the old controller layout. looks cool I have yet to try this still.

  7. Love this charade game 🙂 Now….if only they would create a guitar that doesn't hurt your finger tips when you play with silly imprints on the keys. Holy cow!!! I play for long bits at a time….at least I used to. These guitars with their imprints freaking hurt after a bit.

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