Home Playstation Forum list your ps3 collection of games and rate them?

list your ps3 collection of games and rate them?


here is mine

Resistance fall of man-Finished

Need for speed carbon-Finished

Uncharted drakes fortune-Finished

Heavenly sword-Finished

Call of duty 3-Finished

Call of duty 4-Finished

Gta IV-

Virtua fighter 5-



Madden 07-

Tiger woods 07-

Need for speed pro street-

Marvel ultimate alliance-

Genji days of the blade-

Untold legends Dark kingdom-

Ridge racer 7-

Tony hawks project 8-

Socom confrontation-No Story mode

Rock band 2-

Little big planet-Finished


Resistance 2-Finished

Call of duty world at war-Finished

Mirrors edge-Finished

Need for speed undercover-Finished

Street Fighter Iv-

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  1. GTA IV- 8/10. Just as great as any GTA except with more realistic elements that makes the game that much more entertaining. Online never gets old. I don’t give it a perfect 10 because it doesn’t give quite enough to do once the storyline is finished.

    Madden 09- 7/10. Great Madden game, but I didn’t like the commentary; felt it was annoying after a while and hurt the replay value for me. Good for playing with friends, though.

    SOCOM Confrontation- 7/10. I’ve played SOCOM since SOCOM 2. Its all right, just not as good as the previous titles and no singleplayer. But online is still addicting as always. Great to have SOCOM for the PS3. And third person shooter kicks major @ss.

    Midnight Club LA- 6/10. No different than any other Midnight Club, but I felt they made this game more complicated rather than tougher. I can understand how people could get very frustrated with this game and the traffic. And why do we have time trials on the traffic congested streets instead of closed off streets? Downloadable content installation seems to have its issues with a lot of people. Felt the vinyl editor is too complex and not very user friendly.

    Mercenaries 2- 8/10. Awesome sandbox 3rd person game. I loved the idea of airstrikes and EA/Pandemic certainly delivered with the sequel. Everything can be destroyed, the way it should be. Nukes will take out city blocks. I don’t think the gameplay got any harder, but definitely didn’t get easier either. Can’t wait for the 3rd game.

    Call of Duty 4- 9/10. Its a good game, but I don’t wanna say much cuz i’m not very big on the Call of Duty games.

    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue- 9/10. Awesome preview of what’s to come. Thank God they showed us several new cars, specifically the Ferraris. And the detail? Exceptional! I’m sure this game has a native resolution of 1080p; the game is gorgeous in 1080i which is what i’m limited to. Exceptional detail of every car, including the cockpit. Great AI that becomes challenging as you progress. Online has its issues, but good to try it in a preview version so they can get it right on the full game. It doesn’t get a pefect 10 because I think they should update the game more often, maybe give us new tracks so we can see the top speed of the F40?

  2. Wow you have a lot of games. I have the following. I am also gonna list my trophy percent for the games that support trophies.

    –Resident Evil 5- 9.6/10 Great Game, I love it, Finished it about 20 times, still love it. too short though.

    Trophy- 85%- Platinum

    –Killzone 2- 9/10 I got it about 2 weeks ago, never got the chance to play it a lot. Great so Far, no lag. good graphics

    Trophy- 4%

    –Burnout Paradise- 9.5/10- Best Racing Game if you ask me. I love it, I play it non-stop on the weekends. lol, I havennt bought any of the DLC yet.

    Trophy- 74%- Platinum.

    –Rainbow Six Vegas 9.6/10- In my opinion, this game, COD4, & Killzone 2 are the best shooters on the PS3. I love it, I also play thiss non-stop.

    –Grand Theft Auto 4- 9/10 – Great game. Even though too realistic. Its not as good as San Andreas. I dont play it much anymore.

    Trophy- 13%

    –Socom U.S Navy Seals Confrontation- 7/10 Not such a great game. The previous ones are much better. Havent played it in months. lol, the reason is 1. its not very good. 2. The updates are annoying, If i do start the game and updating, it takes like hours. lol

    Trophy- Like I said, I dont like it so- 0%

    — WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009- 8/10

    –Uncharted Drake’s Fortune- 8.5/10


    –Splinter Cell Double Agent 9/10

    –Resistance 2- 8.5/10. Havent got much time to play it, the story mode is great. online I dont like, because too many players, you cant tell whos good and whos not, too many players, u cant tell where u got shot from. Still great though.

    Trophy- 15%

    –Rainbow Six Vegas 2- 8.5/10

    –Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2- 8/10

    –Ratched & Clank FTOD- 7.5/10

    –Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground- 8.4/10

    Thats it.

  3. Call of Duty World at War–finished–9.9/10

    Call of Duty 4 Modern War–10/10

    Resistance Fall of Man-finished–9.5/10

    Killzone 2-finished–8.5/10

    Grand Theft Auto 4-finished–9/10

    Uncharted Drakes Fortune-finished-9.5/10

    Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction-finished–9/10

    Warhawk-no story mode–7.5/10

    Motorstorm- not finished–7/10

  4. killzone 2-its ok not much new in the shooter genre though, but the game looks great and has an ok story-8

    uncharted- again not much new gameplay wise but its a solid game-7

    metal gear solid 4- great graphics and gameplay could do without the long cutscense-8

    mlb 09 the show-best baseball out on any system-9

    resistance 2- same old shooter crap-5

    fallout 3-great game, but i play the xbox version because it has all the dlc-8

    grand theft auto 4- same as fallout 3-8

    the orange box-best value out there right now has three games for $20 and half life 2 and portal are amazing games-10

    the godfather 2-worst game i have ever bought, i should have just flushed $60-0(i would give it a lower score but 0 says it all)

    littlebigplanet-never played it but my girl loves it she says its a 10

  5. Killzone 2 – 8/10

    Good: Story, Classes, Clan Battles, Graphics

    Bad: Online is slow

    Metal Gear Solid 4 – 10/10

    One word: Epic

    Warhawk – 9/10

    Good: Planes, Open area

    Bad: No story

    Dynasty Warriors 6 – 9/10

    Good: This best out of the series

    Bad: Less characters

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare – 10/10

    One word again: Online

    Resistance 2 – 9/10

    Good: Story, Graphics, Lag free, weapons

    Bad: Too many people which shows a gap between the pros and noobs.

    Little Big Planet – 9/10

    Good: Very Creative game

    Bad: Lags in online

    Street Fighter IV – 9/10

    Good: Feels like the old school but even better

    Bad: Needs more characters

    Assassin’s Creed – 8/10

    Good: Story (very and interesting), Missions seems like a realistic situation.

    Bad: Repetitive missions

  6. damn u have alot of games

    CALL OF DUTY WORLD AT WAR – 8.5/10 – really good online but not as good as cod4

    CALL OF DUTY 4 – 10/10 – theres nothin to say that game is just kickass

    GUITAR HERO III – 8/10 – its a good but gh doesnt compare to rockband and no music game will ever be good as gh 2

    ROCKBAND 2 – 10/10 – it has great dlc and improved on the near perfect original

    MADDEN 09 – 6.5/10 – i never really liked madden games not sure why i bought it

    UNCHARTED DRAKES FORTUNE – 9.5/10 – one of the best single player story modes ever i love 3rd person shooters gonna buy the 2nd one day 1

    MOTORSTORM – 7/10 – its a decent racing game but it lacks depth i would play it more if they patched it for trophies

    NBA LIVE 08 – 8.5/10 – i love the nba live games there are really good if u like sports or basketball games u should get some of the nba live games

    ROCKBAND – 9.5/10 – gh use to be my favorite game untill i got rb gh is stupid now because of rb

    GUITAR HERO AEROSMITH – 6/10 – the worst gh game ever

    NBA STREET HOMECOURT – 8/10 – one of the best in the nba street series

    BURNOUT PARADISE – 8/10 – its fun but its nothing speacial and i thinks stupid u have to pay money for multiplayer espescially cuz its a racing game

    TOM CLANCEY’S GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARFIGHTER 2 – 7.5/10 – its a fun shooter but has lousy online and tom clancy games have never been as good as cod

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