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Lost all my data on One piece pirate warriors 2 on psvita!?


please help omg im crying i just unlocked the final chapter and did most of the crew missions and completed most of the game and all i needed to do was unlock the unlockable characters and complete the final chapter and i was playing a crew mission to earn money to lvl up my characters and all of a sudden my game froze so i pressed the blue ps button and that didnt work so i pressed the power button and that didnt work so i held down the power button for like 5 seconds and that turned the screen black but fuzzy and the music still playing so i read online who to fix it and i held the power button down for about 15 seconds and it took be to a screen and i pressed “restart psvita system” and it restart and i went back to the game and i think i accidentally did rewrite file or the entire game got corrupted either one (i cant read japanese so i just pressed what i assumed was right) and i was brought back to the main menu and i stuff was locked and everything thing was gone! i think i overwrite the file with a new save by accident because when i go to go to my last file it brings me back to the menu with everything locked! please please please tell me there is a way i can get that file back i need it i am trembling right now my knees are shaking my head is heavy my back hurts my torso is heavy im tearing up please help im typing this 38273x faster than the speed of sound because i get shaky when nervous please please help! is there any way i can get back to that file!? if there is something you dont understand or need to know please tell me i will put it in the additional details. this happened 3 times with my entire ps3 and on my wind waker game on wii u.

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