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MLB 12 The Show: Glitch


Let me know if you have had this problem or seen this problem as well!

MLB 12 The Show: Glitch


  1. I had a glitch that i hit a ball between second and first for a single and all of the outfielders just walked in to the infield like at the end of the inning but i was not out and the ball just rolled all the way to the wall but when i rounded third they started to go after the ball but i got to home for a inside the park home run

  2. my rtts guy is slow and i went 0-4 in a game and got benched stealing and i didnt even get on base

  3. I did this before and thought it froze so i let it sit. Forgot about it and came back the next morning with 9500 points waitin for me! It was like christmas for the show =D

  4. yea i remember playing it constantly and nothing, this is the first thing i came across and it was pretty funny and interesting, for those who want to cheat the system it can gain them almost unlimited training points

  5. This years version of The Show is filled with glitches. Last year I dont' remember anything like the things I have seen this year.

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