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MLB2K10 Pitching Tutorial #1


MLB2K10 Pitching Tutorial #1


  1. Alguien me podría ayudar, como hago para q no me lance tantos wild pitch cuando tengo corredor en base,, he perdido juegos por esto, tengo un play 2 y el juego 2k12, si me pueden responder en español por favor thanks….!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I'm new to the hole gaming thing. That said, I hardly know what controls do what. But like everything, you have to start to reach the end.

  3. InaneGamer we need more tutorials. Yours is by far the most comprehensible on You tube. Plz help a brother out. Thx.

  4. cant you just slap it side to side for example slider move to right and just move it to left it still works

  5. can some one tell me how to play online games with my league i created one but not sure how to play

  6. Congrats!! No problem, I'll be around..I'd love to get a group of people together to start some consistent leagues. This game is amazing.

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