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MW3 PS3 Nat Type Strict, cant’ change. HELP!?


I have a Dlink router DIR-655 and I’ve never had problems with it till now. I’m geting kicked out of 90% of the games I join on MW3, and I’ve tried everything. InfinityWard just directs you to the dlink website which is of no help whatsoever. I’ve tried inputing the portal numbers into Port Forwarding but it did nothing but cause my internet to stop working. I’ve also set my ps3’s IP address to enable DMZ, but that didn’t help either. I’m directly connected to the router but it still says I have a strict NAT. Please someone help me, my head is going to explode from frustration.

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  1. me, too- trying to play online with hubby, but we have a strict nat. SUCKS. came on here looking for answers, looks like we won’t be playing together, after all. 🙁

  2. you need to call your internet provider and change the router.

    happy gameing – good luck

    also if you have an ethernet cable plug that into the ps3 and router and try the wired option on the ps3.

    that might work

  3. to change nat type from strict to open enable upnp on router than if u have mw2 or black ops go online and see if the nat is open if it is quit the game and than put in mw3 and go online it should say open. it worked for me

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