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My new microsoft refurbished xbox 360 won’t turn on?


I got a new xbox 360 microsoft refurbished yesterday and I plugged everything in I pressed the power button and it would not turn on the power block thing is orange and the xbox 360 won’t turn on what should I do
it is just opened yesterday I got it from gamestop It has never been turned on because I can’t turn it on
Update 2:
Can I still return it to gamestop if I already opened everything but I still have the warranty and receipt

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  1. Make sure all cables are connected and try it again. If it still doesn’t work contact where you got it from and let them know. Sounds like it needs to be returned.

  2. 1. How are you trying to turn it on? If you are trying to turn it on from a wireless controller, that controller may not be synced to the console yet. Hit the power button on the front of the console and see if it turns on that way.

    2. If it will not turn on from the power button on the console. Take it back to the store you got it from and get another one.

  3. omg reallly, return it or get your money back, i got a refurbished one off ebay.i checked the persons points before i ordered it, and i red his feedback that people sent him, dude that sucks.send it back.if you cant.send it off to Microsoft saying you got the red rings and they will fix it for free

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