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My Xbox live is not working?


Ok so my xbox live usually works fine but all of the sudden sometimes it wouldnt let me connect and when i could it said my NAT type is moderate so it would kick me out of games in the middle of playing. I have a brand new linksys and i have a computer and an ipod touch and they both run fine with the IP address but when i use that IP address (changing the last number at the end) it wont let me connect and sometimes it lets me but then, like i said, my NAT type is moderate. how can i fix these problems

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  1. dude linksys blows, thats what i have and get same problem. shut off router for 30 secs back it(let all lights on router appear b4 turning on xbox), turn on xbox, try going to settings on xbox and just automatically configure the ip and and other one lol. shut off xbox. 30 secs off then i was good to go (:

  2. call xbox support and get the numbers for your nat. call support on your router and they will walk you through the repair. just did this for myself took ten minutes

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