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New Xbox 360 game ideas?


I need a new game for an Xbox 360. It has to be more than a 2 player game and not Cod. Any ideas? Please help!

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  1. My best co-op experiences are:

    Any gears of war, (you must play them in order) Run and gun and cover. story driven.

    Borderlands is brilliant, (get ready for a sequel later this year also) rpg elements and open world

    Splinter cell conviction (cant compare another game to it) the co-op is great and you feel like a badass when you clear a room of 20 guys and no one has a clue.

    Left 4 dead (not my kind of thing but its highly rated by many of my friends)

    Just went through my whole list of 240 games played and they stood out most to me. i have 104,000 Gamerscore. Take my advice 🙂

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