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Nuclear Throne – 2 years of Early Access


Nuclear Throne - 2 years of Early Access


  1. why i have the fealing that this game when gets finished the moding comunity will go nuts ?? XD

  2. I used to listen to the song at 2:00 on repeat. What is that song called and does anyone have a link to that song? Edit: It's sewers

  3. I've played this game since it came on Steam, and it is still by-far the best rogue-like game I have ever played.

  4. This has been one hell of a ride vlambo, and I just wanted to say thanks. You've done so much, and all I can do is applaud you for it. Be proud. You created this community, with modding, solids weekly challenges, and most of all, the decompilers who hAs FoUNd THE YETI IN SPRITE, BUT WHERE IS IT?!?! Also, the oasis boss looks cool. I'm hyped. 😀

  5. I've got the game since november 2014 (so one year) and didn't beat the throne, damn I'm ashamed.

  6. The Crystal Caves which is my personally favorite music excluding b themes and boss themes, and it was the area created After the original final boss BIG DOG, this shows how far they have come adding 4 new areas 2 new bosses (loop being a secret) and a whole lot of weapons, mutations, secrets, characters, and just so much i can"t remember. It breaks my heart thinking the Broken Waste Land kings is now replaced with the much greater Nuclear Throne, that is less broken like that one time when lasers didn't disappear, or when the super plasma cannon first came out and the ball WAS HUGE, its more predictable , but good and there is so much lore that is found or to be found. i got nuclear throne in February and currently have 700 hours.

  7. I love vlambeer…and nuclear throne!!! P.S might want to fix the description, "release an update ever week"

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