Home Xbox Forum On a rail Minecraft map (Xbox 360 ed.)?

On a rail Minecraft map (Xbox 360 ed.)?


Can anyone help me get the achievement? If you have a good map to do it in then give me your gamertag and. you get best answer if you help me

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  1. The way i did it was by using the duplicating glitch. it does take a lot of practise but one you time it right it will work. turn your game to peaceful and mine. mine as much gold, redstone and iron as you can. make at least 10 of the powered and normal rails and 10 redstone torches. the are loads of duplicating glitches on youtube. the way i did it was by useing the despenser (solo). also, you going to need about 500+ rails.

    Still, if you really are that lazy, then you can use my world. gt is skullator311

    hoped this helped!

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