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PC vs Console as Fast As Possible


PC vs Console as Fast As Possible


  1. Console emulators exist on PC but PC emulators don't exist on console (maybe a few). So PC definitely wins with the exclusive argument I think.

  2. If you're someone who wants to play games comfortably sitting without spending over atleast a 1000$ to play games on high setting which you can also play by spending 250$ and buy a console and play the same games.

  3. i prefer playing outdoors because its hyper VR graphics your savegame gets carried for life. no hackers, and its dirt cheap.

  4. PC or Console?
    One major thing in gaming. Unlike Microsoft, as well as Sony and Nintendo who converted themselves to online payment, PC allows free gaming forever in this human life. You don't have to throw away 60 bucks or more for such garbage membership to have permission in playing online.

  5. the only thing consoles have over pc is exclusives, and there's no reason they can't be made for the pc. obviously you can use a controller and big tv if you want to. I do. Having exclusives doesn't make them a better system. It's a scam to get people to buy consoles. If everyone can get their favorite game for any platform, why would they buy an inferior product?
    Exclusives are the only reason I have consoles. It sucks needing different systems for certain games, even though technically they could all run on the pc.

  6. Can we all just play the game? Does it really matter what platform someone plays on?I've been a Playstation fanboy for the past 10 years and I never EVER used a console besides Playstation,but I dont go spouting at people telling them that the console they have is shit and mine is superior.Its immature and fucking stupid.

    Its 2017 people…come on!

  7. In 20 years both will be destroyed by smartphones because is a portable device and in future will be more powerfull and cheaper.

  8. if you're like me I just connect my PC to my TV in the living room and have a separate PC for my office place my office one has not the best parts but still does a good job while in my living room that PC has like the best specs such as 128 GB RAM, 8 TB External hard drive, 2 GTX 1080's, and an i7 Intel processor

    EDIT: I posted this comment before you said that comment in the video about people setting up PC in the living room

  9. why would he say something about console lasting 7 years? if u dont make enough cash in 7 years to upgrade ur gpu or console then maybe u should look into getting a higher paying job

  10. I just have a PC and Wii u since to me, Nintendo is the only system with exclusives worth buying the console for. Such as Smash 4, Xenoblade x, breath of the wild, etc. None of the Xbox exclusives interest me and until KH3 gets released I have no need to get a ps4.(assuming I have the money)

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