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Playstation 3 helpp!?


i sold my 60 gb ps3 that had freezing problems for 220. i also gave the guy resident evil 5 for it. now my friend told me i gt gyped. at first i ignored him but now it is gtting to me. did i make a good deal. i also never used any off the 60gbs features.

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  1. 60 GB can be sold for double that price because of its ability to play PS2 games. However, yours has freezing problems, so I would not say you were totally gyped. Plus it was a friend and not some schmuck on Ebay who doesn’t know any better.

  2. Depending on what your definition of a good deal may be,

    but now anyone can get a 80 gb ps3 slim for 300. You sold your 60 gb for a fair price, I say you made a great deal. As long as the person you sold it to was aware of the freezing problems, I don’t see anything wrong with what you did.

  3. 60gb features, what IMPORTANT special features does it have besides bieng able to play PS2 games. thats it ohhh 4 usb ports omg thats so amazing < <<_< online ) but u said it had freezing problems. the system or was it because of the game? if it was the system u got what its worth man seriously

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