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Project Root Out Now on Xbox One


Project Root Out Now on Xbox One


  1. Project cars is now available for pre-order, 60$ it includes modified dlc and limited edition upgrade! The full game comes out on may 12th

  2. Literally just entered and won a giveaway of this game without knowing anything about it other than the name and the fact the dev made Edge of Space i can say after watching this trailer im glad i did because i really like the gameplay and soundtrack.

  3. This game is like a combination of Galactica and defender from the Atari 2600 days in the 80s.fun game to play as a kid , maybe I'll buy this game just cause

  4. They are creating all these indie or whatever they are games so they can give you guys games free every month

  5. Hey XBOX, how about some Castle Crashers love on the xbox one? Prettyyyy pretttyyyy pleeeease?

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