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Prototype 2 – Video Review


How did the sequel to the fun yet flawed Prototype fare with our critics? Did it improve upon the formula or did it take a step back? Watch our video review and find out!

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Prototype 2 - Video Review

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  1. Dont know whats wrong with this dude!! The game looks better then the first and this guy is wayyyy deadlier awesome game i promise you wont be disappointed 9.0 in my opinion

  2. Just beat the game, yeah the story is a bit lacking but the overall fluidness of the game is amazing, graphics are not that bad and the character does seem kind of cringy at times, but I'm here to play a game not watch movie so solid 8.5

  3. I agree with you that storyline was somewhat lame and forgetable but the game it self isn't forgetable and is fun and addictive and it is really underrated, but with that in mind it is still a bit buggy in an advanced gaming setups.

  4. An Online Multiplayer with customization is coming before PROTOTYPE 3 comes out in 2017

  5. Well ive never playe the prototype games so ill give em a try when i buy the Biohazard editiona dn see how they go

  6. I don't even wanna try to play this cover up for what they did to us. I don't even wanna know.

  7. they should have never killed of Alex worst thing they could have ever did Heller is so wack

  8. I just got this game for 4.99 $ at 5 Below. What a steal! It's a underrated gem. I hope it's good! Can't wait to play it!

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