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I have my PS2 for the longest time now (slimline edition) and have always been playing my old PSone games and the occasional new releases and Guitar Hero (1,2 3 & 80’s), then as I was cleaning my system, I happen to see a USB port, and an ethernet port. WOW!

So how do I use these and when? I know how ethernet and USB works. I am very computer savvy but never tried a PS2.I don’t want to ruin anything in my system now so I’d rather “seek professional help” from all you gamers out there.

Be kind. this is an honest ignorance on my part. Also, if you need to know, I bought my PS2 slimline USED from EB Games a couple of years back and it did not come in its original box and supplies, so I don’t have a manual to look at or a CD for that matter.

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  1. The console (PS2) features USB and IEEE 1394 expansion ports. Compatibility with USB and IEEE 1394 devices is dependent on the software supporting the device. For example, the PS2 BIOS will not boot an ISO image from a USB flash drive or operate a USB printer, as the machine’s operating system does not include this functionality. By contrast, Gran Turismo 4 is programmed to save screenshots to a USB mass storage device and print images on certain USB printers. A PlayStation 2 HDD can be installed in an expansion bay on the back of the console, with some exceptions.

    In September 2004, Sony unveiled its third major hardware revision (V12, model number SCPH-70000). Available in November 2004, it is smaller, thinner, and quieter than the older versions and includes a built-in Ethernet port (in some markets it also has an integrated modem). Due to its thinner profile, it does not contain the 3.5″ expansion bay and therefore does not support the internal hard disk drive. It also lacks an internal power supply, similar to the GameCube, and has a modified MultiTap expansion. The removal of the expansion bay has been criticized as a limitation due to the existence of titles such as Final Fantasy XI, which require the use of the HDD. The official PS2 Linux also requires an expansion bay to function. Currently only the modified MultiTap is sold in stores, meaning that owners of older PS2s must find a used or non-Sony MultiTap in order to have 4 or 8 players during a single game. Third-party connectors can be soldered into the unit giving hard drive support, however IDE connections were completely removed in the V14 revision, thereby eliminating this option.

  2. The Ethernet port is so you can go onto Sony’s online network. That’s how people play such games as FFXII, SOCOM, etc. You have to have a router with your cable/dsl connected to it, and the other line going to the system. If I remember correctly, you have to pay to get online with PS2, but PS3 it’s free. The USB port is most likely for hooking up external items such as wireless headsets.

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