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ps3 call of duty5 map pack donation?


look i need a psn account that has downloaded the map pack of cod5. look i swear on anything i wont change a pss or any thing i juat wann adownload the mapack off of a account. you can then later change the pass and every thing. you will be rewarded with the and i will love you. you can email me the info at [email is not allowed].plzzzz

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  1. quit being cheap. you dont need a credit card for those things you can buy special cards. go do that and stop begging

  2. Hey! Your in luck. I just woke up this morning and said “HEY I WANT TO WASTE 10 DOLLARS ON SOMETHING THAT WON’T BENEFIT ME AT ALL!!” At least I will have your love.

    Kid, get $25. Go to your local 7/11, P&C, KMart, Wallmart, Wherever. Then use that money to buy a Visa All Access Gift Card. You can use them on the PSN Store. To buy your Map Pack. I will be buying at on Monday.

  3. O really you will give me 10 yahoo points. and i give you my user id and password, and you get the a free map pack while i paid 10 for it!. yeah what a deal.

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