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PS3 wireless internet?


Okay, I have had my PS3 (fat) for years, and I just got wireless internet. I plugged in all the information and when i test the connection it says “Failed – this is a DNS error (80710102).” I have tried many DNS’ such as and, and, and even and Still no luck. I have tried resetting the router and that didn’t work either. Please help.

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  1. It should work with “easy” set up. If not call your router manufacturer and they will get you set up.

  2. Steps:

    1.Make sure you got wifi/wireless router

    2.Make sure your ps3 is in a great spot to connect.

    3.(if 2 doesn’t work use this) Put a TV into the room with the router/wifi. Then follow rest.

    4.Go to network settings

    5.Go to connect or what ever that was.

    6.Select WIfi

    7.Pick EASY

    8.Enter WEP or any code you need to for connection

    9.It should automaticly do the ip address and that.

    Then your online, just set a account up for psn then WAM! Welcome to PSN dude!

    (You shouldn’t enter it manually

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