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ps3 with 160gb or 320gb bundle?


I want to get ps3, 160gb is $250 and 320gb with infamous2 game in it is $300. I want to get it for my cousin and he wants some game called uncharted 1 and 2. I dont know if he would like infamous 2. Please if u guys can tell me difference between 160gb and 320 ps3 and also some info about infamous 2 game would be nice. since i dont want to spend extra 50 bucks if its not worth it.

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Honestly. They will never. Ever! Use that much space on their playstation. But for only a 50 buck difference and a game? That’s not bad at all I say drop the 300. Definitely worth it for the game and extra space cuz who knows maybe they will have a bunch of stuff on it. Always better to have the option

  2. Well the difference is just the memory. Infamous is a pretty good game plus you’re basically getting the game free with the bundle.

  3. the difference is just the hard drive size , you basically get the infamous 2 game free because the 320 gig costs $299 anyway , it’s a great deal

    to upgrade to a 320 gig HDD afterwards would cost more than buying it to begin with

    you can also buy the uncharted game 2 pack for $39 , it includes both uncharted games , or your cousin can trade the infamous 2 game for it at gamestop if he does not open it , but infamous 2 is an awesome game so he should like it

  4. I say you should get the 320g model but if you wait a little longer until Uncharted 3 comes out you can get the Uncharted 3 PS3 bundel which includes a 320g PS3 a copy of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception a black controler & 1 month of free playstation plus which costs 300$ & then you could just buy the Uncharted collection which costs 40 bucks

  5. Infamous 2 is a pretty fun game, if you don’t mind spending the money then spend the money, if not then don’t get it.

  6. The Playstation 3 is perfect. This will be my second one because I need one for the bedroom. I have a phat ps3 and now a new slim. The slim is much smaller and stealthy quiet. So far I like it more and it stays cleaner looking than the phat but i do miss the touch sensitive buttons. I’ve owned a ps3 for 4 years with no problems and i love it. great blu ray, best games, surround sound, full hd, and the free psn. Nothing compairs

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