Home Videos PS4 Backwards Compatibility – NOT what we wanted to hear…

PS4 Backwards Compatibility – NOT what we wanted to hear…


PS4 Backwards Compatibility - NOT what we wanted to hear...

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  1. I think I can see playstation saying something like this a week before E3 only to turn around and announce it would be coming AT E3. But it would seriously be cool to just go back in time and play these old games on our new consoles.

    Thanks for the love and support on this video everyone! <3

  2. Fuck Jim Ryan, my ps2 still works but my games are scratched up because I was little when I played them back in 2005 and 2006. Like the classic kingdom hearts game I used to play and I was so hyped when I saw that ape espace 2 was available to buy on the ps2, the nostalgia playing that game all over again was crazy!

  3. there was never going be BC on PS4. PS3 and PS4 are 2 different systems. They physically can't do it. The only reason BC works on Shitbox One is going it's the same hardware or something..

  4. I have 50+ games on my PS3. It would be so nice if I were to be able to play all my PS3 games on a PS4 because well, I love my PS3 to death but it's the cheaply made PS3 super slim. Who knows when it'll break?. And besides having only one system play all your games is so much nicer than having to have 2 or 3.

  5. There's a few games at least that I wanted on the ps4 from being a ps2 player, and was extremely disappointed to not see them on the psn store. Not to mention, not everyone has a capture card, and ps4 features allow me to record things regardless. With no card, I can't get gameplay of my ps2 games.

  6. Some games are not remade, or gets sequels, or even similar, so yeah old games are still relevant, sure you could buy remastered every new consel, expensive for everyone, and somehow I doubt they would ever make more than 1 remaster…

  7. I never got to play kingdom hearts so if backwards compatible was a feature that'd be great. I just bought a PS3 cause I'm sick of waiting for backwards compatibility lol

  8. I think they just should add backwards compatibility.. And not the shit we have now that u have to pay 17 euro or something in order to play some..
    Also the reason i really like the xbox one.. Still be able to play Old cod zombies online since its played by so many people actually.. And not to forget to mention halo reach..
    But luckily we still have a ps3 in great condition in our living room together with the ps4 so not really needed for me..

  9. Sony could implement Backwards compatibility but they don't. Look at Xbox One and PS4 both use X86 which are pc technology and easier then the 360 and ps3 to encode to both consoles. Microsoft have proven that with their Xbox One with 360 backwards compatibility. And soon this year they're brining out original games on the Xbox One which should be a lot easier for the game developers I believe the original Xbox was x86 back In the days. I just think Sony are Lazy and they want more money so they make remakes rather than making a Backwards compatibility work for ps4 it can work if they made a emulator that can work with ps1, ps2 and PS3 games.

  10. PS3 games can barely play on the PS3. It will be very hard to get a PS3 game that was built for the Cell Broadband Engine to even run roughy on the PS4's x86 Jaguar.

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