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Ps4 or xbox? i cant decide?



  1. Why get the one?

    -entertainment system


    -great exclusives

    -more server

    -a great company who listens

    Why get the PS4?

    -it is SLIGHTLY, and i mean SLIGHTLY, more powerful

    People are crying to the worse company because the other one made a mistake. Microsoft changed their policies and listened! All they have to do is cancel their ps4 preorder and preorder he xbox one. oh wait. GAMESTOP HAS ALREADY SOLD OUT FOR THE MOMENT! Get the xbox one and don’t hop on the bandwagon train.

  2. XBOX ONE. PS4 controller is stupid, Xbox have got better exclusive games such as Halo, and FIFa ultimate team, and the online is more safe and quicker

  3. Xbox one has no DRM policies just like the PS4. BUT HERE ARE FACTS WHY PS4 IS BETTER THAN XBOX ONE:

    1. $100 cheaper

    2. Better Hardware specs

    3. PS4 Hard-drive is upgradeable (Xbox one is not)

    4. PS4 does not require mandatory game installs (saves space), (Xbox one requires it)

    5. PSN is still $10 cheaper than Xbox live and PSN gives you a MUCH BETTER VALUE.

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