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ps4 setup problem help!?


I got a ps4 a few days ago! Today, I don’t have school because a parent teacher conference. My sister knows how to set it up but she has school! I have an At&t remote but I don’t know what to click so the ps4 screen will show up! I have a samsung tv if that helps. Please answer! I have everything set up for the ps4! I need to hurry so it doesn’t over heat! I cant properly turn it off because I need the ps4 screen to turn on!

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  1. The PS4 won’t overheat, don’t worry. Just don’t leave it on the carpeting. A nice table or a shelf in your entertainment center will do nicely.

    Anyways, take the HDMI cable came with the PS4 and connect it to the PS4 and to the TV. Use the TV’s remote to change the input until you find the PS4 (the “video” or “input” button, not the channel buttons)

  2. For it to show up on the T.V You have to plug in the HDMI Cable in both your PS4 and your T.V it should of come in the box. then go on INPUTS on your tv then HDMI Then it should come up, Dont worry the ps4 probably wont overheat, Its a good console. Hope thi helped.

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