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PS4/Xbox One Vs. Alienware’s Gaming Console


PS4/Xbox One Vs. Alienware's Gaming Console


  1. Alienware Alpha Is Too Overpriced. i3 And GTX 860M(You Won't Be Able To Play Any Games Next Year On 60 FPS Next Year) For $450.PS4 Slim With Uncharted 4 For $229.And It Will Work Great Until PS5. DON'T BUY THIS!!!!!

  2. That looks nothing like alienware boy it smaller than sht and mines like a normal alienware.

  3. A damn 2gb GPU. nVidia at it again. Should have gone with AMD and put in at least 4GB vRAM

  4. The alpha is awesome. I own one and gaming is great on it. It is not perfect but it is by far a better option compares to the Xbox One and PS4.

  5. sorry gotta say this but the alienware gaming console is just a overpriced low tier gaming rigg. some guy in the comments already said it will struggle to play new games in a few years. heck it's already struggling now! if it has to dumb down settings just to play a modern game like fallout 4 smoothly. so yeah my advice is to stay away.

  6. I thought the PS4 was small, that Alpha is tiny as hell. Probably why it's DAMN NOISY with fans spinning so fast to cool it. To bad you can't upgrade the GPU just the CPU. A lot of reviews on Dell site are comparing the Alpha to PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics.

  7. To anyone thinking of buying this either buy a prebuilt (more powerful) for around the same price or build one (even better) for possibly less if you know where to look. The mistake was not being able to upgrade the graphics card. That's what will kill this thing in the future. Sure they are portable and nifty but get the most out of your money.

  8. This will not be a success if people want a pc they will buy a pc if people want a console they will buy xbone or playstation they won't buy a black box that runs steam os

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