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PS5 is coming – Release Date 2019 – Colteastwood Playstation 5


PS5 is coming sooner than you think! Did you really think Sony was going to let Xbox Scorpio sit on the PS4 for the next 2 years!? I make a compelling case for PS5 in 2019

SOURCE: Sony doesn’t need PS5 to kick Scorpio’s butt – http://www.tomsguide.com/us/ps5-release-date-rumor,news-24995.html

SOURCE: Pachter PS5 prediction: http://www.psu.com/news/32083/ps5-release-date

SOURCE: Tom’s Guide PS5 prediction: http://www.gamepur.com/news/24233-ps5-may-arrive-2nd-half-2018-says-analyst-damian-thong.html

PS5 is coming - Release Date 2019 - Colteastwood Playstation 5


  1. I'm sorry but this is exactly why Nintendo isn't bothering with getting their consoles stronger Sony and Microsoft will get themselves so strong they can't even handle it and end up like Sega and in twenty years from now when Nintendo gets to 4k little kids won't be asking what vhs' are they'll be asking what xboxes and PlayStations are but that's just a prediction and I might be wrong

  2. Why would we care almost al the peopel bought a PS4 why wast the money for that it's just a counsel don't bother buying it anyway the PS4 is still good and it will always be

  3. 1:30 you might be hyping things way to much man
    3:20 well yeah xb1x is gonna have the upper hand is multi plat, sony is a little bitch when it comes to doing shit like that
    "our consumers are gonna get bullied!!! no cross play!!!) get over it, whinny bitches ( id like to see all consoles be able to play together )
    3:39 lol
    they dont draw much power anyway
    its not like they need to to power much
    they are toasty, how do they not draw heat? all the consoles are running way to hot…
    a gtx 480 just might run colder ( im guessing)…. what does that say about console?
    5:15 lets hope they add mouse support, some of us like the mice we play with, and dislike the controllers, and ik its also vice versa
    5:20 optional my ass, sony wont do that, they will lose money on the consloe

  4. ps3 was released in 2006, ps4 in 2013 so how come ps5 released in 2019 with ps4 games release dates going to beyond 2019??????

  5. My guess is lots of people will buy the Xbox one X but it'll be a bomb and then people will turn to ps5 whenever the release date is

  6. fine, if the ps5 does get released then all stores should have a limited time offer to upgrade your ps4 to ps5 for free

  7. Ps2 and PS3 were my best console experiences. My PS4 was so lame. Hardly any good games and ran out of memory so fast.. no backwards compatibility and what little classics released were dumb choices.

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