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Review – Crysis 2


Score: 9/10

Recommended? Definitely

The world is in danger. Aliens have ravaged the planet, and many who have survived the destruction are dying from contamination. Chaos reigns, and defeat seems all but inevitable. Man’s last hope rests with one person, a marine named Alcatraz. When his marine company falls under attack, Alcatraz is saved by Prophet, a man wearing a bio suit that gives him incredible power. Prophet is at his limit though. Using the suit has transformed him, and left him a virtual moving corpse. His mission is dire though, and when he finds Alcatraz, he passes this incredible suit, and his mission, onto him.

Crysis 2 is a first person shooter, and pits you against both aliens and humans as you follow outlined objectives to save the world. There are many different types of enemies you will encounter, including armored juggernauts, small alien bugs, and even mechanical monstrosities that will push you to the limits in defeating them.

Your suit is an incredible piece of technology, making its user a one man army. Its capabilities are far more advanced than any other piece of technology on the planet. The structure is able to change in highly useful ways, such as stealth camouflage, nearly impenetrable armor, and super human strength. In addition, the suit is like a living organism, able to change and evolve when coming into contact with other organisms and technology. Each time you kill an alien, you can pick up spores from them. These little spores allow you to customize some of the additional abilities provided by the suit. There are four categories you can upgrade, but you can only have one perk in each category active at one time.

Your battles will take you through a ravaged New York city, among other highly detailed and lush environments. Environments are somewhat destructible, and using the super strength the suit provides you with, you can even do things like kick cars around, and fall from the tops of high buildings and survive using the fortified armor.

This game has some really awesome cut scenes. As you start each mission, your objectives are lined out for you to see where you are, and where you’re headed. The truly awesome cut scenes though are the ones that show your suit evolving, and changing on the atomic level. I was highly impressed the graphics, and how great this game looked both in and out of cut scenes.

The combat is fast paced and has a good amount of challenge. Different enemies have different weak points, and there is a wide arsenal of weapons to defeat all the enemies you encounter. Each weapon is further customizable with optional parts you can change whenever you want, giving you further versatility in every situation. In addition, the suit gives you the ability to scan the environment, marking enemies so they show up on your map, and giving you tactical advice so you can deal with each battle in whatever way suits your personal combat style.

There is a lot of variance in the missions, keeping you on your toes as you decide how to reach each objective. Some operations are more geared toward stealth, while others are full on fire fights. Each mission offers something unique, and will be thoroughly enjoyed. Whether you enjoy you enjoy stealth killing enemies, or running in with guns blazing, there are situations in each mission for everyone to enjoy.

The controls are great for a first person shooter. It follows a pretty standard configuration as far as most games go. Your abilities are easy to engage whenever you need, leaving you free to focus on the battle at hand rather than what buttons you need to push. Camera movement is nearly flawless as well.

First person shooters aren’t my favorite genre, but Crysis 2 is a lot of fun to play. With many unique game play elements, a good story, and fast paced action, you’ll be destroying the alien invaders all day long. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes first person shooters, and even to those who rarely play them. Crysis 2 is definitely worth a play through for nearly any gamer.

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