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Should I buy a Xbox 360 or wait till Xbox 3 is out?


I know it’s super late, but I think its time for me to finally buy a new game system since the one I have right now is a ps2.lol. I’m looking in buying an Xbox 360, but I hear that a new Xbox is coming out late 2013. Is that really true and should I wait for that or not?


  1. if i were you i would definatly save my money and wait a few years until the next microsoft gaming system comes out. then when everyone else still has there old xbox360’s you can rub there noses in it lol. besides its only going to be like 2 years. i would wait. most of the games that are out now arent all that great and you can probably play old 360 games on the new console

  2. Unless like you feel like waiting 2 years (give or take a few months), then get the Xbox 360.

  3. Technically we know nothing about the third Xbox. It hasn’t even been reveled yet. Chances that it’s coming in 2013 is unlikely so I think your safe getting a Xbox.

  4. Just buy it now its worth it n your missing out, i doubt that it will be released late 2013 more like 2014 besides nothing was mentioned about it during the E3 convention (thats if i didnt miss that part)

  5. Xbox 360. Even if you did get the new one there one be no game for it except like 5 or 3. And the games would be for children or lame movie games. IF you can the 360 add: Shadodracque

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