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Star Trek: The Video Game Walkthrough – Part 1


Star Trek: The Video Game Walkthrough - Part 1

Star Trek gameplay walkthrough part 1 let's play PS3 GAME XBOX PC HD


  1. This must be what elseworld stories are for Star Trek cuz these graphics make Kirk look Japanese

  2. I'm not saying it's that bad, but if you look at launch games that came out when 360 & PS3 were announced. These graphics basically look like that & to develop a game like that that was at E3-2012 is not a good attempt. I play pc as well as console, i know if i want graphics go for pc. If i choose to play on my 360 or PS3 at least make them look updated. I mean M.E. 3 had better polished graphics than this game.

  3. for a movie game with a predetermined releasedate, it's pretty well-made, but that's just my surface opinion, i haven't actually played it yet

  4. well i still play ps1 games, so it doesn't really bother me, but i guess up close the textures are a bit outdated

  5. The Trailer made this look interesting but omg this look as awfull as the Kelvin Timeline movies.

  6. What's wrong with Checkoff's eyes!? Did he smoke a Doobie when he woke up that morning?

  7. Is this game any good? Its selling for £3.75-ish on the xbox dashboard.. gold members only.

  8. Well…I did hear it was a 'Bad Game' but that also may be because it feels like a 'Movie' script or an 'Episode' script which honestly if written as a script for a movie doesn't really translate well to a video game.

    I also heard that they decided against continuing to work on it in favor of an earlier release…this is only what I "Heard" and have no place to tell where I got this information.

    Also 30:59 Phase Dat Ass…

    Edit: Wow…after little more than half an hour "Fuck It" was enabled.

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