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The Fight Lights Out: Placing Bets and Stat Comparison


The Fight Lights Out: Placing Bets and Stat Comparison


  1. @stormoverload Thanks for the quick reply, however, the "grainy look" I was referring to was the words displayed on the screen everywhere. I've your video paused at 0:35. Words and icons are clear. Mine look like someone was trying to use an eraser on ink. I've tried adjusting my TV settings and the games video settings, but no it's no use. I'm just wondering why yours is so crisp and legible. Again, thanks for taking the time to attempt to help.

  2. @mrericcdixon Thanks for the question and for checking out my video. Your TV is not the issue. The grain or fuzzy look on the screen during calibration can be found on all TVs. LCD, LED, Plasma, it doesn't matter, you will still see the fuzziness. If you do not have enough lighting in the room, then you will have the snow/fuzzy screens. I noticed even during a brightly lit room from sunlight, it was still a bit fuzzy. This is just the game. Not your TV. I hope this helps.

  3. At the risk of revealing that maybe I have an antiquated TV, I wanted to ask why is it that the current-fight info display on your screen is legible? My screen looks like I'm reading through snow, but only for the stuff above the fighters and the calibration screens. The main menu is crystal clear. Any thoughts?

  4. @EpicGamingAdventure EPIC!! Dude.. its been forever since we last played together! Yeah, I'll be getting online with some BCBF2 action. I'll hit you up on soon on that.. Black Ops is getting a bit old and there are a bunch of new games coming out soon. But I'm wanting to rank up on my BCBF2 profile.

  5. Dude, your guy looked "special" if you know what I mean. I also don't know how you ever hurt the other dude by brushing his shoulder lightly 😉

    Anyway, you need BC2 Vietnam bud. I've been LOVING that game. Hit me up when you got it so we can pound some kids into submission with the crazy storm we bring to every game we play.

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