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Top 5 reasons why the Xbox One is better than PS4!


To those who are torn between which one to get, or for the Xbox One fans. Playstation lovers should voice their opinions down below. Thanks for watching.

Top 5 reasons why the Xbox One is better than PS4!

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  1. I respect your opinion, but on the point of exclusives, I have a PlayStation myself and there are so many games that you didn't mention like the last of us, god of war, crash bandicoot which I admit has not had any good games out after 1998. Mainly talking about when crash bandicoot games where no longer exclusive to the PlayStation with all of these spinoffs on other consoles. Not to mention other games like ratchet and clank, a game that used to be exclusive and still kind of is, Metal Gear Solid. I know that I'm ranting about why PlayStation exclusives are better and I respect your opinion and those might be the only games that you are interested in, but to be honest. What is there not to like about god of war or ratchet and clank.

  2. Hello lads my name is Abraham Lincoln, I was a politician and lawyer who served as the 16th president of the United States of America, I'm here to state that ps4 is way better then xb-Cringe*#;(¥% ERROR CODE STATUS 1E-1101 CALCULATION MALFUNCTION DUE TO FAG BOX FANS

  3. holy fuck you this console war is stupid as fuck, I have a ps4 and a xbox one s there both amazing consoles and your fighting over wich is better? childish as fuck

  4. lets take it easy so if we start from the price the ps4 is cheaper than xbox one second the ps has better performance and Gpu later in the ps4 you have free games and better ganes to play every week but in the xbox i heard them talking for tv and netflix so in my opinion to buy a console for watching tv its a waste of time and money so i recomend buying a ps4 other things are that you can play ps4 in other devices plus you can upgrade the ps but no the xbox
    i was confused to buy a ps or xbox but asking my friends and watching reviews i thought it was better for me to buy a ps4

  5. Now what? xbox no horizon zero dawn,no scalebound, no god of war ,ffxv blur on xbox running on 720p HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. This is for all those worthless PC gamers who say "get a PC" like we're talking about consoles, console and PC both have great features but the one thing that make consoles superior is that feeling of getting a console on Christmas you know? Theres no feeling of that when you build a PC. Also, console has a better feel to it cause you know your playing on a legit console and didnt buy a cheaper version of a game on a wack PC with a cheap wired controller, I would also like to state isn't it illegal to buy some games that are for like Nintendo, ect? (All you PC gamers that migth reply to this will just leave hate replys just to hide the fact you insecure…)

  7. all because x box is good for a few games doesn't mean it's superier? graphics! plus if u hav email a picture u can practecley live on it Netflix size Amazon Facebook messageing etc…..

  8. I wish you know that why xbox one price more than 100$
    Cuz ps4 online is sucks and you must pay to play so if buy the Xbox one with 100$ more with awesome free online
    Better than buying ps4 with 100$ less with unfree online sucks

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