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Turtle Beach Headset Review – Comfortable Enhanced Gaming Headsets


I don’t know about you,but most people cannot afford to spend $400 on wireless headset audio only to find they are too uncomfortable to wear for more than 30 minutes. Few stores will carry a full line of enhanced gaming headsets, and even fewer will let you “test drive” them before you buy. So how do you know what to look for to determine comfort in a gaming headset?

First lets look at the 2 main styles of gaming headsets:the “Circum” style,which sits around the ear;and the “Supra” style, which sits directly on the ear.

The circum style are usually somewhat more muffled sounding,and the supra style sounds like the ear is right next to the instruments.

Both types have good and bad points,so it is ultimately up to the user to determine their needs. No matter which type you prefer,check the type of material on the earpads. Try to avoid plastic,as it tends to promote sweating rather quickly and makes gaming uncomfortable. The next step up is the “leatherette” type of ear pad material. While superior to most plastics in comfort,they can still get a little sweaty during warm/extended gaming sessions. The best in terms of comfort by far are the cloth mesh “velvet” style earpads (such as the Ear Force X31).

*Please note that there are also the “earbud” type of earpieces,but the few times I tried them they really killed my ears;therefore I recommend the above 2 headset types.

A few other things to look for are:

  • Lightweight headset design-For longer play sessions
  • Adjustable padded headband-more comfortable,less shifting of the headset
  • Oversized earcups-increased comfort,better sound
  • Quality/Flexibility of microphone boom-no screaming trying to locate chat mic

Choosing a high quality enhanced gaming headset with both sound quality AND comfort will not only make your game more competitive,it will be much more enjoyable as well. If you are serious about upgrading to high quality, affordable gaming audio; you owe it to yourself to consider a Turtle Beach gaming headset.

Update: My review site will lead you to the [url not allowed] for the Ear Force X31 Headset

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