Home Playstation Games Welcome to Syberia 2!-Part 29 Tik Tok

Welcome to Syberia 2!-Part 29 Tik Tok


Welcome to Syberia 2!-Part 29 Tik Tok


  1. Oh fucking fuck XD thank God I saved a when the clock was at 7: 10, basically you have to wait until the clock is close to 7:15, pull the lever and press the bell asap… that puzzle was such a piece of shit I swear… it's like how I got stuck in the Yukon village because the animation for the water-drawing apparatus was so poorly drawn. Your vid was useful because otherwise I would still be stuck on that puzzle

  2. Duh! Such an easy solution. I sat there forever doing what you did — trying to get the clock exactly right. Doubt I would have gotten it. Would have have been forced to give up. And poor Hans would have never resolved his childhood issues and fulfilled his life dream. Hans thanks you, as do I.

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