Home Playstation Forum what the ps3 isn’t backwards compatable anymore? didn’t it opperate right?

what the ps3 isn’t backwards compatable anymore? didn’t it opperate right?



  1. yea the new ps3s are no longer backwards compatible basically they are just the original 40 gb PS3 with wifi and a bigger Hard drive I almost cried when I pulled mine out the box and had no card readers and only 2 usb ports, but anything to cut costs I guess. The bundles they sell still have that functionality in them I do believe

  2. It operated fine.

    The reason Sony took out Backwards Computability was to lower the manufacturing costs of the PS3.

    Because of this, Sony can sell the PS3 for less money, resulting in more sales.


  3. It’s BC for PS1 games, but not for PS2. Sony cut it because the PS2 is selling so well, so they wanted to do this to encourage people to buy PS2s so they can keep their sales up.

    I guess people were waiting for a PS3 price drop and not buying PS2s because they just wanted to wait until the PS3 came down.

  4. -Source of PS2 compatibility = Emotion Chip

    Sony took the chip and other features out to reduce production costs and sell the PS3 at lower prices. Before this, PS3s were sold at a price LOWER than what it cost to make them. So basically, Sony lost $ for every PS3 sold. Now a days, Sony still loses money for every PS3 sold, just not as much as before. Sony’s gonna announce something big at E3 09, so watch it.

  5. People were b*tching about the price so Sony removed it to cut production costs and make the console cheaper. There are other reasons that supposedly were a factor, like people buying PS2 games instead of PS3 games.

  6. Sony has and continues to confuse people with the BC issue! Most people buying PS3 consoles automatically assume it’ll play PS2 games when they will not.

    The launch models 20GB and 60GB released in November 2006 had near 100% BC then Sony removed the hardware components namely the PS2’s “Emotion Engine CPU chip” and “Graphics Synthesizer” graphics chip from the PS3’s motherboard and opted to go with the less stellar “Software Emulation” programs that were installed on the 80GB Motorstorm and Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles in 2007 which roughly only allowed for about 75%-85% BC with PS2 games.

    After those bundles released in 2007 and sold through, Sony removed BC from all future PS3 consoles hence the current 80GB and 160GB WILL NOT PLAY PS2 GAMES!

  7. Sony only introduced the PS2 backwards compatibility from the beginning for smoother transitions for those people who owns PS2. So that they don’t have to throw away or they can keep some of their favorite PS2 titles if they want to upgrade to a PS3. I never really thought that it will stay. And think about this, BC PS3s are $100 more expensive. A $100 can already buy you a brand new PS2 (they are only $99 now). It’s so much better to get a separate PS2 console (if you really want one) so that your PS3 will be saved from over use and abuse.

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