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What xbox 360 should I get?


i am wanting a xbox for christmas. i have never had one personally but i fell in love with Halo Reach while playing on my brothers. i have thought about getting the limited edition Halo Reach console, but i also want the legendary edition. the only problem is that money is kind of tight and i cant get both right now. plus i am sure that sooner of later places will stop selling them. so far the only place the still has them are walmart and toys r us. so what should i get, the Halo Reach Console? or a regular black 360 and the legendary edition?

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  1. Get the new 250gb console and also a game you want. It’s worth buying that than a skinned xbox that costs the same. You will get the shiny black console, a black matching controller, and a xbox live headset. I bought this a month ago and i love it.

  2. you should get the new xbox360. the halo reach console is not worth it. you just get a game and skinned controllers also the console.

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