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Why does the PS3 require so many updates?


I know it has something to do with patches and stuffs but personally, besides obviously better graphics, even with all the updates and installation for the games, but I still don’t see much differences between the games.

Why does the PS3 require so many updates? Also, how come whenever we buy PS3 games, it often times requires us to install (usually a large amount that fills up our Hard drive.) before playing the game?

PS. Sorry for any obvious grammar errors as English is my 2nd language. 🙂

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  1. System stability, adding new features, security updates, cross compatibility with psp and vita, stability with certain products (surround sound headset, Tv), etc.

    Hope that clears things up.

  2. the actual ps3 only gets system software updates a few times a year , games get updates because most game developers are lazy and release buggy games that need patches or because the games have dlc added later so need to be patched to use that dlc , games with online multiplayer get the most updates because they have to patch every glitch and exploit that is found and used by players to cheat , and they get new maps and other add-ons regularly so must be updated to work with those new maps etc.

    it’s the same with most of the new systems and the pc games get updates all the time as well for the same reasons , plus the pc gets updates almost daily to stop hackers and spyware etc. that the ps3 does not get those daily updates for.

    why do games install sometimes? because if they install a portion , say the cut scene videos and some dialog , the game loads faster than if the game had to load all that data off the disc , it sppeds load times and frees up the ps3 memory for better graphics and less lag if the ps3 can pre-load some of the data.

    the install makes the games run and play better and smoother , plus the install is where the updates and any add-ons you get are put for that game.

    when the ps2 was the new system it did not have a hard drive or ability to update games or get dlc , so those games were either tested more or delayed to fix most of the bugs ( instead of today’s games that release on a certain date no matter what because they can always update them later if bugs are found ) , plus the games had frequent slow downs while they loaded levels , could not have new maps or levels added as dlc later like the ps3 games can so the updates , while they seem to be frequent are really not that bad and add a lot to the games.

    if you play certain types of games there are more updates , online muliplayer games will always have to update every few weeks , other games may get one or two small patches and no more ( I have games that never had a single update and no install either )

    the games are huge now compared to the last generation of games , a small game like god of war on ps2 was a 2 gigabyte file , god of war 3 is over 40 gigs so 20 times more game code and that means more chance for a few bugs that are missed and need to be patched later.

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