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Will xbox start to make games for the old consule again not the 360.?


It would be cool if they started making them again cause not everybody has a 360″) lets mass email this to microsoft please make xbox games not just 360.PS does it why cant xbox its so unfair.

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  1. WHY?!?!?!?

    The reason they created a new system is to force people to BUY IT!

    By making games for outdated systems, they are limited as to what they can put into the game – and they lose millions of $$$ in new console sales ;););)

  2. PlayStation only makes games for the PS2 because not many people have a PS3 compared to how many have PS2.

    And 360 is better anyway. trust me, i have one

  3. they stopped a little after the 360 came out. they want everybody get a 360 and dump their old xbox.

  4. Too expensive.

    I have one but I didn’t pay for it. I use one of those freebie sites. There’s a link on my page.

  5. Nope. unfortinetly a few years ago thay stopped, now they only make 360 stuff. Maybe something from this site will help.

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