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Xbox 360 live homeplugs?


Im trying to get 360 live for xmas and my dad wont let me have wireless and he wouldnt like a ethernet cable running through the whole house.

So could you explain how the homeplugs work and what i need for the homeplugs to work, and what homeplugs do you recommend (i live in UK so £’s not $’s)?

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  1. Just under £40 for two. You’ll need at least two.

    One to connect to your Xbox, the other to connect to your router which must have a spare RJ45 ethernet connector.

    Homeplugs basically work by using the mains electrical power cables in your home, and sending data through at a frequency higher than that used by the electrical supply (50Hz in the U.K.). By connecting 2 homeplugs to your mains supply, one attached to your Xbox and the other to an internet connection (through the RJ45 in your router), your Xbox can use the homeplug connection in place of a long ethernet cable.

    The only requirement is that both main connections but be on the same ‘ring’. Some larger houses may have seperate rings for upstairs and downstairs etc. You can check from your fusebox – if the same fuse is used for both mains plugs (which you are connecting your homeplugs into) then they are on the same ‘ring’.

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