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Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death


If you had asked me just a few weeks ago if I considered myself a gamer, I would have definitely replied with a heck yeah. I use to think of myself as a gamer until I recently began to work at my new company where we repair several gaming consoles a day. I began to see that the gaming addiction goes way beyond the few hours I put in every day. Some of our customers have been known to play their systems for 8 continuous hours. Usually the culprit are games such as Modern Warfare or Halo. The repairs I consistently see day after day, console after console, is a problem known as the Red Ring of Death.

I can honestly say that 80% of the issues we see with the Xbox 360 gaming console is the Red Ring Of Death and we are constantly asked what can I do to prevent this from happening. Well, here’s a few tips for that question… But before I answer that question allow me to explain what the Red Ring of Death is exactly. In most cases this is caused when the CPU or Graphic Chip in the unit separates from its soldered connection points causing the unit to not transmit data properly. This is typically caused by overheating. At our store we do a repair that fixes this problem 90% of the time. Here are some tips to prevent overheating being the issue.

1. Be sure to keep your unit in a well ventilated and cool place. Many people keep their xbox 360’s under their televisions or in enclosed places and this does not allow the much needed cooler air to flow freely through the unit.

2. Keep your unit flat. Do not stand in up in the vertical position. The unit has exhaust vents on both sides of the unit and standing the unit in the vertical position reduces the ventilation.

3. You can purchase a modified fan that moves more cooling air through the system for around 20 bucks.

4. Be sure to have your unit cleaned regularly using a bottle of compressed air to blow the dust particles out.

Now if you do have this issue there are a few options you have. You can purchase a new system for $200.00 + which will more than likely Red Ring again depending on how much you play your system. There is also the option of sending your system back to Microsoft, which can be almost as expensive as buying a new one when its all said and done, not to mention waiting 4-6 weeks to get your unit back. In my opinion if you’re looking for your best option, you have to consider CLICKING HERE.

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Submitted On August 07, 2010Console SystemsOne of the most frequent problems with the Xbox 360 is a very common issue known as the Red Ring Of Death or "RROD"for short. Many discard their consoles when this problem occurs not know there are options that are less expensive than purchasing a new…red ring,gaming console,xbox 360,RROD,red ring of death

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