Home Videos Xbox makes fun of Playstation(You will switch after seeing this)

Xbox makes fun of Playstation(You will switch after seeing this)


Xbox makes fun of Playstation(You will switch after seeing this)

Microsoft Makes the Xbox One Pointless


  1. I have an Xbox One and its amazing for me atleast
    My sister has a PS4 slim and she likes it
    My family has had alot of consoles…
    PS1,PS2,Xbox original,PS3,PS4,Xbox 360,xbox one,nintendo ds,nintendo 3ds
    new nintendo 3ds xl and many more nintendos

  2. I can see it clearly.. all these people were payed by Microsoft to promote their shit over Sony products..

  3. Fuck Xbox fuck it they are to scam you and voice commands are not in Xbox but ps4 and ps4 has launched the vr version of it fuck it they are scammers they are just jealous bec we are better if they tried buy an Xbox scorpio dude it's same just go get a ps4 slim or pro they are better

  4. Xbox 1 has its ups and downs and so does PS4 so it's just how u want ur console to be. a video isn't gonna make u change ur mind

  5. I would get a pc, but don't have the money for a decent one… that is including peripherals sigh

  6. The Xbox One has the sales numbers similar to OG Xbox and GameCube without any of the charm or good games

  7. I read through the comments and noticed allot of butthurt towards this video. the response is mostly: "I cant afford a pc due to financial reasons, so I will stck with the console" and if you saw rag's other videos, it is WELL EXPLAINED that an affordable gaming pc can be made at 350$ dollars that not only stomps consoles, but is cheaper to maintain in the long run, even if it is a 700$ pc.

    what rags is getting at and has always gotten at, is that if you can afford these consoles, you can VERY MUCH AFFORD A PC.

    and it is absolutely pathetic to clutch that console in embrace, when it limits you so much, and when a better option is staring you in the face.

    the PC is freedom to the consumer. nobody holds a gun to your head and says: you need to upgrade every <fill in the blank> years, and have <X> hardware and only run <Y> games, and pay for <Z> online service, just to play said games with friends.

    you upgrade at YOUR pace. and no, building a PC is not rocket science.

  8. I'll give you my reason to why I bought the Xbox one. I was ignorant when I made my choice.

  9. He comes across as very rude in this I get it he is stating facts and I'll agree pc's are better and I play on Xbox one but still he could've said it so much better without being a dick

  10. The next Microshaft console is going to be a PC with a XBox themed chassis and XBox themed version of Windows and people will still argue 'no it's a console not a PC'.

  11. i only have xbox one for halo and i know that is wrong but now it will come to pc i will finally be able to leave my shackles of the shitty ass xbox and go pc until the end of time hell yeah

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