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Xbox One S – Before You Buy


Xbox One S - Before You Buy


  1. Lmfao when I bought it, my Xbox one s had problems connecting when at the same time it's said it was connected and all services are available. Constantly kicks me out of games when it says I'm offline but at the same time signed in and live is running with no problems. It's fucking pathetic how I wasted on a piece of shit Xbox because my original worked WAY better. Microsoft is pathetic. Never bought another Xbox again so fuck you Microsoft.

  2. This is my first console in a looooong time. Last one I had was a game cube. I was never like too big on games but everytime I went over to my friends house, I really wanted a console. I just bought a halo wars bundle with 3 games for cheap and I'm very excited.

  3. ok I'm a pc gamer and think pc master race is better than console but the xbox 360 and the ps3 ohhhh good times

  4. 2 weeks, the fucking RT trigger is squeaking so fucking loud and it doesn't seem like it was lubricated well, I just can't stand the noise, it fucks with my ears and teeth some fucking how

  5. I guess if you have a 4K TV, then it's worth waiting for the Scorpio (One X), but if you're like me and have a 19" old tv…the One S it's just perfect πŸ˜€

  6. I bought the Xbox one s battlefield 1 bundle. What is the difference between this and the Xbox one s halo bundle?

  7. I don't think Project Scorpio is the Xbox One X I think they are coming out with something even better that has literally no flaws.

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