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Xbox repair pick up/ delivery in UK?


My son recently broke his Xbox and I have applied for a repair from the Microsoft website.

I have been told to expect a label in the post for UPS.

I have never used UPS and don’t know what to do with it. Do i take it to a depot of theirs? some people have said they pick it up from my home, others say they do not.

I am not very tech savvy so I find the UPS website difficult to navigate to find answers.

Thank you for reading. Any help would be much appreciated

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  1. Should be collected and returned via UPS to and from your home address, once you have the label and the parcel is ready for collection ring UPS to arrange pick up.

  2. well after when u call microsoft and they sort out receiving your xbox, the next day or after, u would receive that UPS person to knock on your door, u basically just need a box where u could put your xbox 360 in then he’ll stick the label and deliver it to microsoft then next week or so, u will receive your 360

  3. Hi

    Avoid microsoft a waste of time!

    They wont fix anything.

    If your near Manchester i use these people, there very good they have a shop and can do it whilst you wait, also im sure if you want you could post it to them.



    0161 795 9794

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