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Yellow Light Of Death? PS3!?


Okay, so I have a PS3 Slim, so it isn’t actually the yellow light of death – I really hope. Recently, especially when I’m in game, my PlayStation has been seizing; it will freeze multiple times, music will jitter, Speech will be non-existent. This also seems to happen a lot, but not as often, on the PS3 menu screen. My warranty is way out by now, and I really don’t have the money to replace this, so I’m hoping it’s nothing serious. But the yellow systems failure light – or at the very least what I assume to be the systems failure light – seems to be almost constantly on at the moment. It’ll flicker on and off and I’m sort of worried. My system is all up to date and all, what could it be? I rarely use the internet on it, every now and then to watch something. I don’t think it’s overheating, because this starts the minuet I turn it on.


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  1. I’ve learned that taking care of the system (vacuuming vents, keeping it cool, and constantly checking on it by feeling it to see if its still cool) is absolutely vital, or eventually, say goodbye. Over time dust will collect, wrap it like a blanket an make it super hot. Slim or fat, the system can’t get too hot because over time it’s done. So dust, and make sure a foot or room is around the system. Tho it might be too late. Damage may already be done

  2. Let it rest for about a week. After the week has passed, if it is still in this state, then yeah, you’re in for the YLOD sooner rather than later. The same thing happened to mine a few years ago. I still have it, but I didn’t use it for a few days, and it’s still working now.

    Good luck.

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